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Looking for a trustworthy carpet cleaning company that won’t lie about their rates, will arrive on time and will not charge you extra for minor things like equipment fees and parking? Then LocalCleanersBournemouth is the cleaning company for you. We offer you a money back program along with a satisfaction guarantee for all of our treatments. This service also comes with the option of our special Scotchgard protection treatment in Bournemouth, Hampshire that coats the fibers of your carpet in a protective layer. It keeps the textiles cleaner for a longer period of time, and makes the material that much easier to clean once the time has come. Call us now on 020 3746 8258. We also hope you enjoy:

  • Deep carpet cleaning
  • Full odour neutralization
  • Evening cleaning
  • DIY tips
  • Professional help


There are a lot of carpet types out there and we clean most, if not all of them, including: vinyl, woolen, hand woven, blends, natural and synthetic fibers, silk, cotton, etc.

The methods we use

Local Cleaners BournemouthDry cleaning – focuses on the safe removal of stains and blemishes from the natural fibers of your carpets. It works by destroying the bond between the fibers and the stain, making it easier for our cleaners to extract it with a vacuum machine. Before applying the dry detergent on the affected area, we clean with a hoover to remove any debris and contaminants that might interfere with the cleaning. Then we apply the detergent with a fine brush that breaks it down sow it can sink deep into the fibers and bind with the stain. All is extracted and removed from the textiles, no drying or waiting required. Just enjoy your dry, clean and soft textile flooring.

Steam cleaning– is an efficient way of removing stains from synthetic materials, it works immediately and only requires a short drying for the carpet to be fully ready for usage. We rely on the strength of the steam jet that is injected deep into the fibers then immediately extracted. The in-out motion of the moisture creates an almost vacuum-like effect extracting everything from the surface and base of the carpet, including the used moisture. It’s fast and efficient and leaves no trace of the cleaning behind, aside from the desired results.

Choosing Local Cleaners Bournemouth

Want your home carpets cleaned properly and with no need to repeat? Then use us today and get exclusive information on prices and deals. Get the latest scoop and learn how to save not only time but also money with our amazing deals each month. You can use our services at any day of the year, just call and ask.


To get the best carpet cleaning in Bournemouth, Hampshire call 020 3746 8258 or use the booking form on the booking page. We will contact you on the specified time and date and go over the finer details of our arrangement. Don’t be afraid to demand a free quote before booking, it will be accurate and represent the final sum you’ll be charged once the cleaning is done.