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Curtain Cleaning BournemouthDoes your curtain smell like last night’s roast beef? You can’t stand the smell of cigarettes but it’s still lingering in the drapery in your living room? Don’t force yourself to tolerate it and call Local Cleaners Bournemouth, a leading provider of proper curtain cleaning for the entire region of Bournemouth, Hampshire. With the experience and savvy we’ve got you can be sure that we are the cleaning service for you. We also offer you late night booking, evening visits and even bank holiday cleaning – all of these free of extra charge for the odd hours or dates. No time is too late, or job too big or small, give us a call on 020 3746 8258 and we’ll help you out anyway we can.

With our team you will enjoy:

  • Odour free textiles
  • Protected curtain colours
  • Professional cleaning help
  • Instant response
  • Cheap prices

The service

There is an overwhelming amount of curtain types out there, and we believe we cover most if not all of them: Cotton, silk, Kashmir, sued, wool, woven, synthetic and natural even vinyl.

The methods we utilize

Dry cleaning – has a very distinct need of a hard surface for proper cleaning. This is why we need to take the curtains down and place them on a flat surface so we can properly apply the dry detergent we use in all of curtain cleaning projects. We use this particular technique when working with natural fibers because it does not put your curtains at risk of shrinking or having their colours damaged. We use a fine brush to spread the detergent then wait for the appropriate amount of time for the detergent to react and extract it with a vacuum machine, along with all of the filth and odours lingering inside. We put the curtain back as it was and leave your home until we meet again.

Steam cleaning – does not necessitate the removal of the curtain, it uses a mobile attachment for its nozzle that latches onto the textile immediately, drawing all of the filth away after being sprayed with a burst of steam and detergent. All of the moisture that has been used during the cleaning is then extracted along with all of the filth and unwanted gunk. The curtain is left to dry for 3-4 hours after which it’s fully dried and ready to be stored if you choose to.

We sanitize everything

We do specialize in curtain cleaning and have done so for the past 7 years. During that time picked up a trick or two to make the cleaning experience that much more gratifying and more efficient. While our cleaners are at your location, you can ask about tips, how to keep the curtains clean for a longer time and general DIY tricks, they’ll be happy to help you out.


Don’t hesitate to book the best an call 020 3746 8258 today, for the best cleaning in Bournemouth, Hampshire with the lowest prices in the entire area. We have a booking form for you to use and even a free online chat where you can ask questions and receive a price estimation on your order. Call today!