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Frequently Asked Questions

A: Use the phone number 020 3746 8258 or the booking form on the website, we also have an instant chat that can also work for booking.

A: We offer allergy alleviation treatments that specifically target dust and dust mite population in mattresses and other textiles in your home, however, we cannot guarantee that your particular case of allergy can alleviated by our treatments.

A: Contact us and let us know what exactly is the cause of the problem, state what about our cleaning you don’t like so we can send a team over which will clean for free as a compensation.

A: That would be greatly appreciated by our team. We carry a lot of equipment with us and a close parking space would be grand.

A: You can use a credit card, pay through the website, give us cashier’s check, pay by hand or even make a bank transfer.

A: Yes, you can. We offer an exchange program for treatments offered by us – if you have changed your mind and would like a different treatment you can request an exchange by calling 020 3746 8258. Note that both treatments have to be of equal value for the exchange to be possible.

A: We work until 23:30pm, anything later than that will have to wait for our early morning shift starting at 5:30am. You can still call and request help and a team will be dispatched as soon as it’s available.