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Full mattress sanitizing in Bournemouth

Mattress Cleaning BournemouthBed bugs are a pest and have no place in your bed, nor do dust mites or any critter for that matter. We at Local Cleaners Bournemouth can provide you with a fully sanitized bed mattress and pillows, for a combined price that will blow your mind. Check back with us to see if we cover the cleaning of your mattress type, dial 020 3746 8258 and ask. Our phone team is there for you 24/7. We specialize in pest removal and would be happy if you called us today, that way you can enjoy:

  • Full bed sanitization
  • Odour free mattress
  • Free price estimations
  • DIY tips
  • Professional help


Don’t deal with these pests, let the professionals do what they do best and fully exterminate them, with no chance of repopulating. None of the supplies we us leave any traces in the fibers nor do they have any toxins inside, which makes it a safe, family friendly treatment that can be used even around toddlers.

The treatments

U.V Lights treatment – there is only one sure way to treat a bed bug or dust mite infestation, and that is to blast them with U.V rays. Most commonly seen,the lights we use are of surgical quality which lets us clean fibers and textiles with it without worrying about damaging the colors or properties of memory foam. The treatment itself is quite quick, and it only takes a few minutes for it to work its way through the mattress. After that we use a vacuum machine to suck out the carcasses and fecal matter to produce a spotless mattress.

Steam cleaning – is for the proper sanitization and cleaning of mattresses. It can remove stains, accumulated dead skin cells, hairs, odors and even deal with dislocations that might have occurred due toun treated stains. We manage to do all of this thanks to our mixture of steam and specially chosen detergents that interact with a given element in a certain way – a detergent for every stain type. We inject the mattress with this mixture while also removing all of the gunk and grime from the fibers. We use a narrow nozzle to minimize drying times, and we can happily say that it’s working.

Choose the safest way

By bookings you'll know you’ve chosen the safest, most efficient way of cleaning your mattress. We don’t use any chemicals and the detergents we do use have a very high bio-degradable rating – this means they are safe for usage in homes and offices. All of this is done to ensure your safety and well-being.


Use the booking form for instant booking or request a call back through the contact form on the booking page. For answers on questions you have, call 020 3746 8258, there you can get a free quote and information on any treatment we have. You can also book through the instant live chat we have, free of charge to all site visitors.