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A rating of our services

Reviewed by Vaibhav Khare on Aug 5, 2015

The curtains in the kitchen have at least 5 smells in them, all interweaving into one awful, puke inducing stench. The cleaners we called were here on time, they did clean the curtains, but apparently forgot to put them back on, we forgot to do it too and for a week they stood on the floor so we had to call them back to clean them again. This time they did what the website says.

A rating of our services

Reviewed by Neeraj Deo on May 31, 2015

I am not a big fan of fake smells, I was promised natural smelling carpets and instead got some fake smelling detergent. The cleaning was good but now I can’t get this awful smell out of my nose. Next time I’ll be more than clean that I don’t take well to perfumes and fake smells.

A rating of our services

Reviewed by Jordan Short on Apr 13, 2015

This is my 3rd time calling and I am yet to be disappointed by their work and professional attitude towards the job. I wish I had known about these guys a lot earlier than I did.

A rating of our services

Reviewed by Stacey Word on Mar 21, 2015

We recently had a new child and its skin is still very sensitive, that’s why I am very picky when it comes to washing detergents, clothes and that sort of thing. When I learned that these guys had a special treatment for sensitive individuals I was stocked, because so far I have never been disappointed. Nothing really changed this time around, still a great service, the treatment was superb and they even game me a discount for being a loyal customer. Hah, that was a great surprise.

A rating of our services

Reviewed by Raj Arora on Jan 18, 2015

I am conflicted as to what to write here, on one level I am extremely satisfied with how they clean, on the other hand the customer support person that was suppose to help me, didn’t do that great of a job. That left a bad taste in my mouth and I am considering whether to use this service again or not, still good cleaning though.

A rating of our services

Reviewed by Deepak Agate on Oct 19, 2014

We were traveling a lot lately and the house wasn’t cleaned since we left, apparently a lot happened while we were gone, because the hallway carpet was absolutely filthy. We called the cleaning teams and they were more than happy to clean for us, they even dried after they were finished. That’s what I call goof work.

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