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Rug Cleaning BournemouthWith rugs being so fragile it's important to have a good service provider that you trust. Local Cleaners Bournemouth area specialized company that deals with exotic and expensive rugs, their safe cleaning and care as well as their preservation. Don’t waste their beauty, dial 020 3746 8258 and book the finest rug cleaning company in Bournemouth. Tired of stains? Tying to clean them and failing? Then don’t, schedule a visit from our expert cleaners and get it over it. We can not only guarantee clean results, but we can also guarantee safe cleaning for all rug types, especially exotic Persian types.

With us you’ll enjoy:

  • Soft rug fibers
  • Fully cleaned textiles
  • Accurate price estimations
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We clean:Persian, Kilim, Oriental, Turkish, Russian, woven, hand blends, natural fibered, synthetics, cotton, silk, Kashmir, satin, sisal, etc.

Dry cleaning – this is the treatment for rugs with natural fibers in them, blends can also benefit from the methods we use here, though it depends on the percentage of the blend. When it comes to rug cleaning, most of them are from natural fibers and require something special in the way of a treatment. Silk and cotton tend to shrink when exposed to water and heat and in some instances colour bleeding has been observed. This is why we use this alternative that relies on a short chemical reaction to destroy the bond between the stain and the fibers beneath it. We extract everything with a vacuum machine, leaving the rug ready for use.

Steam cleaning – is a fast reacting treatment that takes no prisoners, but immediately destroys any stain or blemish that gets in its way. It manages that with high-pressure steam jets and a strong detergent. We use a vacuum machine to extract all of the mixtures of detergent and filth from the fibers and it’s this in + out motion that creates the cleaning effect. There is a quick drying time which can become a lot less if you book our air movers, from 3-4 hours of drying to under 1 hour.

Doing the right thing

Don’t waste time on irrelevant treatments and risk the looks and quality of your rugs, choose the best and call us today. We can guarantee the best results possible, at the most affordable rates in the entire Bournemouth, Hampshire region. Here at Local Cleaners Bournemouth you can find the right treatment and approach for your rug, no compromises with quality either.


We can handle anything, call 020 3746 8258 today and get a good deal on your order. There is also a booking form you can use to contact us at any time of the day or night, or you can rely on the instant chat room where we can give you quick answers on your quick questions. Request a booking form today and get info on upcoming deals.